Looking Forward to it: Ten Games from E3

E3 is pretty much over, and I won’t lie when I say I came in with low expectations. With Covid-19 making developers work from home I know it’s difficult to get games and trailers out. That being said I was pleasantly surprised by the games I saw. Lots of 2021 releases, lots of gameplay, and a good amount of good games. Here’s ten titles that tantalized my tastes.


Developer: Nintendo

Release Date: 2022

Platforms: Switch

This is our first look at Breath of the Wild’s sequel in two years and this time we finally get some gameplay.

Link’s got a messed up looking arm, a flamethrower, and great fashion sense in this open air adventure. While the warm, vibrant feel of the first game remains in the sequel- a dark, more mature energy permeates throughout the 90 second teaser. There isn’t much else to say here to be perfectly honest. Seeing the Bokoblins and Stone Talus working together to kill Link is a great touch. We’ll see if this game actually comes out next year. I’m thinking Spring 2023.


Developer: Turtle Rock Studios

Release Date: October 12th, 2021

Platforms: Playstation, Xbox, PC

It’s a 4 player cooperative first person shooter where you and your buddies kill screaming zombies and other assorted monsters. What’s more to love?

Oh? It’s made by the team that made Left 4 Dead?

Well sign me up TWICE.


Developer: Playground Games

Release Date: November 9th, 2021

Platforms: Xbox, PC

I spilled water on my Xbox One S in 2019.

Before that happened I played a good amount of Forza Horizon 4.

I still have my console. I was told that if I let it sit for a while to dry it might turn back on…..It’s been two years…..It won’t turn on.


I was probably going to get an Xbox Series S this year anyway to play Lost Odyssey again, so with this (and Back 4 Blood) coming to Xbox’s wonderful game pass subscription service I won’t have to feel too bad in the event that I spill some other kind of liquid on my next console. Maybe this time it’ll be Martinelli’s Apple Juice.


Developer: Rose-Engine

Release Date: TBA

Platforms: PC

In lieu of a trailer I’m supplying you with a direct link to the game’s page on Steam. If you take any advice from me make it this.

Add this game to your wishlist.

This game is hands down the most intriguing thing I’ve seen in a long time.

90’s survival horror aesthetic a la Resident Evil and Silent Hill, the deep blacks and reds in the game’s UI, the mechanical monsters writhing in pain as you walk closer to them reminds me of the legs in Silent Hill 2.

This game looks hot.

I want to do a full-scale review of this game when it comes out. I want to support these developers with as much as I can. I want to see this game grow into something healthy. I want to see it all thrive.


Developer: From Software

Release Date: January 21st, 2021

Platforms: Xbox, Playstation, PC

From Software and Game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin announced Elden Ring two years ago and much like Breath of the Wild 2 we’re just now getting gameplay footage.

That’s fine!

Games take time to make, and some developers take too much time out of their lives to make these games. If I have to wait a while to get smacked by giant centipede monsters in a high fantasy environment I won’t get mad. All the more time to get better at Dark Souls or start crocheting. Have you seen how long scarves can get? I bet if I started now by the time Elden Ring launches this January I’d have a pretty big scarf. Who knows really.

I don’t know how to close this ou-


Developer: Witch Beam

Release Date: 2021

Platforms: PC, Switch

It’s another great looking indie game that I desperately want you to wishlist!

In this cozy, wholesome puzzle game you open boxes, take stuff out, and get to unpacking your new room(s). Years pass and you move to new places, and of course you gotta unpack. I’m seriously looking forward to this delightful game.


Developer: Wayforward, Nintendo

Release Date: December 3rd, 2021

Platforms: Switch

Grid-Based tactical board game anime wargame simulator Advance Wars has finally returned after 13 years with this remake of you guessed it: Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2! The game looks great. I like the wooden toy soldier feel to the characters on the board. It all just fits in with the aesthetic of the game. I love the art. Drake? How about you give me a call sometime.

(I made a promise to myself to not be physically attracted to any characters during this year’s E3. I failed. I’m sorry.)


Developer: Atlus

Release Date: November 12th, 2021

Platforms: Switch

I need Shin Megami Tensei V like I need water.

I need Shin Megami Tensei V like I need air to BREATHE.

Unghhhhhhhh…….Pump this game into my veins!!!

This game was announced before the Nintendo Switch was even on shelves. I’ve been waiting 4 1/2 years for this game, and I wasn’t even super on board until we saw gameplay for the first time during this year’s E3. Wow. Woooow. This game looks like it might be my game of the year already. Can it be November yet? That scarf should be long enough to choke even the loudest elephant by then.


Developer: Doinksoft

Release Date: 2022

Platforms: Switch

“That demon kissed my wife!…..or somethin”

This game just looks and sounds cool as heck. You got your 8bit graphics, your compressed Famicom Disk System voices, an amazing soundtrack, and it’s NOT COMING OUT DIGITALLY?!

Look. I get it.

Devolver Digital wants people to talk about the fact that you can only buy this game on a cartridge. They want you to run to the distributor’s website and wait in a virtual line to get a chance at pre-ordering the game. They want you to buy it now so you don’t have to worry about buying later. Whatever. I’m gonna buy this game if I can that is a fact. It looks great! It’ll be nice to have on a shelf. I can finally say I own a physical Switch game that isn’t Ring Fit Adventure.

That is if I can buy it when it comes out. I’ve never been the type of person who buys games early. I’ll either get it online or hopefully walk into a store and pick it up.

Game looks great though!


Developer: Mercury Steam, Nintendo

Release Date: October 8th, 2021

Platforms: Switch

Wow, I remember hearing about Metroid Dread all the way in 2007. It was alluded in Metroid Prime 3 and we didn’t hear about it ever again…until now.

While Metroid Prime 4 is still in development Nintendo and MercurySteam (Metroid: Samus Returns, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow) have been working on the 5th and final entry in Samus Aran’s 2D adventure. I’m not going to mince words here.

I couldn’t get into the Metroid Prime games all that much.

I was 9 when the first game came out. I didn’t like first person games at the time. I didn’t like the Gamecube’s nubby little analog sticks. I still don’t. I’d love to go back and see how great these games are but since Nintendo doesn’t seem to want to rerelease them I just either have to buy a Wii, a Wii-U, or emulate on my PC. My PC’s on the fritz right now. I didn’t spill liquid on it.

Until I can play Metroid Prime’s entire back catalog I can’t be too excited for Metroid Prime 4. I did however play the main Metroid series and I loved those to death. I borrowed my friend’s copy of Metroid Fusion one weekend and had it finished by the time we met back up at the playground. I played through the original game on the NES. I played it’s remake. I played the Gameboy game and it’s remake. I love me some Metroid and Metroid Dread is exactly what I want.


The games shown at this year’s E3 were great. It was definitely a banner year for videogames. Videogames are good and cool, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a darn fool. I’m sorry for all of this. I will get better at ending these essays. I wrote this in less than two hours!




Essays and opinions, both of which are completely unwarranted

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Privately Attack Nobuo Uematsu With Questions

Essays and opinions, both of which are completely unwarranted

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